This is a #storygram (mini-stories) from my Instagram, which you can get to via the social media links at the top of this site. I do my best to make them a daily thing for you to enjoy and share with your friends! I really love making them, as they allow me to simultaneously scratch my photography and writing itches while I’m busy with filmmaking. Thank you very much for reading and sharing them! Don’t forget to check out my film Portfolio too!

The Story:

She tried to call out. No response. She’d never lost contact with them before. The whole shift felt very wrong.

She grabbed a paper from a nearby stand: 1969. Man had just stepped on the moon for the first time, not knowing that the first colony wouldn’t be there for another 74 years.

There was always a risk. She knew that a connection had to exist to shift back, but she didn’t ever expect it to sever for no reason.

She kept trying. Nothing. What if she was stuck here? “That’s just ridiculous,” she thought.

“What’s your name?”
She looked to her right to discover an older man sitting on a bench. She almost ignored him and walked away, but there was a familiarity to him that made her curious.

“Ember,” she replied cautiously.
“Well, now, that’s a pretty name. I’m Samuel. Have a seat.”
Since she was stranded and not when her mission was, she didn’t see the harm in it, so she sat.

“Got any hobbies?”
“Rather to the point, aren’t you, Samuel?”
“Well, I have to be, my dear.”

This cryptic response made her feel uneasy.

“Yes. See, in a few minutes, my scrambler won’t be able to block your shift connection anymore, and they’ll shift you right back.”

She jumped up in shock. How could an old man from 1969 know these things? Unless… Could it be?

“Are… Are you Samuel Carr?”
“You’re very quick, Ember. That’s good.”
“What do you want with me?”

She couldn’t believe the one uncatchable man hopping through times at will that no organization had been able to find had actually hijacked her shift. How was he able to do that?

“Oh, I’ve been watching you a bit. I just wanted to meet you in person. You know, not only am I not dead, but I’ve been doing a lot of planning. I’d love to tell you about it.”
“You can, right after I figure out when you’re hiding and hunt you down.”
“Oh, Ember, such courage. But you don’t need to figure anything out. I’ll be waiting for you in 1893. All I ask is that you not tell them when I am until we talk.”
“And why should I not tell them?”
“Oh, because what kind of daughter would you be if you did?”

She felt her heart fall from her chest as they shifted her out.


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