Page Lynch delivers beautiful images. He’s been my Director of Photography on a number of projects, and I plan to continue hiring him. He holds himself to high standards in both content and quality. Page is a major asset to me and my productions.
Joey Woodruff

Creative Director, Dependent Pictures

Page Lynch is an expert cinematographer; he’s a resourceful creative who can deftly work through difficult shooting situations to return spectacular results. He combines excellent visual instincts with a precise and exhaustive knowledge of every technical aspect of his work. Shooting with Page, I’ve found that he is especially good at communicating clearly and concisely what he as the DP needs from me as the director. Page demonstrates, without exception, every quality of an outstanding filmmaker and an ideal crew-member.

Ryan Rehnborg

Director, Surly Urchin Studios

Working with Page on ‘Lunch Break‘ was a great experience. As my DoP he did a great job of listening to what I was looking for and offering suggestions. Unfortunately, with this production we had a very small crew making Page’s job a bit more inclusive, which he handled very well. I also had the chance to work with him on ‘Zebras and Cheetahs, Episode 4‘ as an AD and spiraling into other responsibilities as well… When I say, ‘I am going for this…’ Page will do everything he can to make it happen. From planning to execution, Page is a great match for me. There are few people I trust like I do Page. I always look forward to working with him.
Karl Huber

Director, Lasting Image Productions

Page is an incredible cinematographer, and working with him on my book trailer was great. He really knew how to bring the story to life through his direction of the actors and his talented use of the camera. After an incredible shooting day, the turn-around to the completion of the trailer was super fast. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and would recommend him to anyone needing cinematic video work.

J.L. Lyon

Author of "The Shadow Saga"

I found Page to be easy to work with and knowledgeable about his craft. He brings a passion for capturing the highest quality shots he can with no ego. Directors and producers can be confident that Page can be trusted to listen, execute and deliver.

Jeff Dolan


It’s rare you find a proficient DP who is also humble – but Page encapsulates both qualities.  I’ve hired Mr. Lynch for multiple projects now, and the only kind of gossip I hear about him from other crew members is how much they love working with him – whether above the line, in a department alongside CAM, or from those working directly beneath him.  Contrast that feedback with gossip I’ve heard about other DPs I’ve contracted in the past…and it’s night and day.

James Thayer

CEO / Executive Producer, Seek First Productions

As the director of a non-profit, this was my first experience with creating and producing a promotional video. Page made the process painless and fun, with an end result that is excellent and truly conveys the ideas and vision we are hoping to cast to potential donors. I would highly recommend Page and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.
Laura Messick

Executive Director, Portico

Page was an exemplary asset on my set. His knowledge of lighting, blocking, lens selection, movement and the marriage between all of these elements made him invaluable. Whether his RED in hand, or a battle-torn Canon Rebel handed to him in the heat of the moment, I have all the faith and confidence that Page will give you a beautiful image that will exceed your expectations. I can only selfishly hope he doesn’t get too busy to step back on set with me again.

Tommy Davis

Creative Director, Life Bridge Productions

In the field of cinematography, working with Page Lynch is a breath of fresh air. He brings a clear director’s vision to his projects and is thoroughly prepared, but he’s always willing to incorporate artistic input from his actors. I’ve enjoyed working with him on several projects, and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Isaiah Stratton

Actor, Author of "Suddenly Single"

Let me tell you, I’ve worked with some great Directors of Photography in my day, and I have to say, Page Lynch is one of my favorites, if not the best. His drive to get that perfect shot is refreshingly relentless, and he easily latches onto the vision of the director. His attention to detail is superb. His shots are nothing short of magnificent, and Page is just great to have on set. His easy going demeanor creates a fun atmosphere, which makes the job a wonderful experience. I will always work with Page any chance I get, and I suggest you do the same.

Marti Young

Producer, Steampunk Lily Films

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