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The Story:

The glass figurine was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. It was a bluish green with some light brown mixed into it. She watched as a lady at a random craft fair molded the hot glass into a cute bird.

“Here you are, my dear.”
“Oh, thank you! Wait, let me give you at least something…”
“No, no, no. It’s yours. It will bring you good fortune.”
“Well, thank you. It’s lovely.”

She didn’t believe in good or bad fortune, just in life’s circumstances, but she was grateful for the gift, nonetheless.

After ten more minutes of wandering around, she decided to get back on the road. When she started her car, she saw the same woman who sold her the bird standing at the edge of a field across the parking area. The woman was staring at her, smiling and covered in crows. It was unnerving, but she decided that the woman had a right to hang out with crows if she wanted.

She had been on the highway for only a few minutes before she heard a faint popping noise, like a dull explosion. The SUV a few feet ahead of her was blocking her view, until it dove to the side, revealing an out of control truck careening towards her. Just as its image filled her entire windshield, she closed her eyes and waited. But nothing happened.

When she opened her eyes, the truck was in a ditch on the other side, which should’ve been impossible, and the driver was obviously dead. In the passenger seat, all of her belongings had been dumped into the floor when she slammed her brakes, except for the bird figurine. It seemed to be fading out from a glow.

No further samplings were need—the bird had traded the life of one man for her own. She was sure of it. If this was “good fortune,” she wanted no part of it.

Rolling down her window, she grabbed the bird to chuck it onto the pavement, but as she turned to throw it, she saw the bird’s maker in her backseat with a crow on her shoulder.

“Destroy it and be destroyed.”

She screamed and ran out of her car. Looking back, there was no one in it, except, of course, for the glowing bird.


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