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The Story:

The sun’s harsh light blared through the front door. The whole house was dark as the rays managed to skip past the walls and fall precisely onto my glass of water, illuminating its contents. Before two months ago, I was never much of a water drinker. Now, I won’t go anywhere without a bottle of water in hand.

The cliffs of Utah had called me for some time. After months of planning, I flew there and set out into the wilderness with only my bag of gear, food, and water. I knew better than to go out there on sodas and Gatorades, even though I wanted to.

Only four days into it, I was bouldering somewhere far from civilization. I was performing well and quite proud of my climbing until a piece of rock gave way. It wasn’t even a long fall, but somehow I twisted in the air and broke my leg against my own pack lying on the ground.

It took several minutes for me to gather the strength to search my pack for medical supplies. That’s when I discovered that my crushing fall had destroyed my water supply.

I laid there for days, convinced I was going to die. I experienced a thirst so unquenchable that it drove me to drink my own urine. Eventually, I fell asleep. Had they not found me shortly after my eyes shut, I would have never awoken. And no one knowing my location… Well, it was a miracle. I don’t know how else to explain it.

It was only two weeks ago that I was allowed to leave the hospital. My vitals were holding strong, and I had gained back enough weight for them to let me go. They said I might have some future problems, but mostly, I was lucky to be alive.

Ever since those events, I can’t stop drinking water. It’s such a simple thing, so perfectly designed to cleanse and renew the body, but I had to nearly die from its absence to appreciate its presence.


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