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The Story:

Running was more enjoyable for him when it was away from the houses. He would run down the unpaved gravel paths of the undeveloped portions of his subdivision. It was quiet there, nothing but the wind and crunch of his steps on the rocks.

Four miles behind him, he still felt great. He just might have broken another personal record were it not for Teezy.

He had just increased his pace once more when he tripped and went slamming into the gravel. When he sat up, his legs and arms were covered in scrapes, and his right shoe had come untied.

Determined not to let a few scrapes stop him, he retied his shoe, stood up, and stretched his arms high into the air. After popping his neck, he took one step and went crashing to the ground once more. He looked down to find his shoes tied together.

No one could’ve snuck up on him out in the open or tied his shoes together so quickly. He sat on the ground angry and bewildered.

“Stupid shoes,” he said aloud.

Then, a tiny creature peeked its head out from around his shoe. It was only a Tennessee tall tale, but there it was, watching him, a creature with a human body and a pig nose, so tiny it could sleep in your palm.

“Are you, Teezy?”

It giggled and went behind his shoe.

“Hey, wait. It’s okay. I won’t hurt…”

He moved his foot, but Teezy wasn’t there. Up the path, it was running away quickly. He called and chased after it until he reached a manhole with no lid. The pipes weren’t connected and had never been used. Teezy was inside.

“You’re fast,” he said as he climbed into the manhole.

As he climbed down, it seemed as though the rungs got bigger further apart. He leapt to the ground at the end, but something was wrong. The small pipes were now enormous tunnels towering over him. Rocks were now boulders. Twigs were logs. And no sign of Teezy.

He looked up to the top, and there was Teezy, who was now humungous, smiling down at him.

“What’s going on?”

Teezy giggled again, but it was so loud that he had to hold his ears. Then, while he screamed obscenities, the little pest slid the manhole cover into place.


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