This is a #storygram (mini-stories) from my Instagram, which you can get to via the social media links at the top of this site. I do my best to make them a daily thing for you to enjoy and share with your friends! I really love making them, as they allow me to simultaneously scratch my photography and writing itches while I’m busy with filmmaking. Thank you very much for reading and sharing them! Don’t forget to check out my film Portfolio too!

The Story:

As the car came to a stop, she felt a battle raging within her. She knew she should turn around; it would be easy to just go home and go about her life. She could probably make a decent living, raise some children, and live a happy life with the mystery of her failure to continue this night as a mere occasional nuisance in her mind. Then, why was she still moving forward?

“I have to know,” she decided. “He was my brother, and I have to know the truth, even if I never come back.”

She approached the car door. At only a few inches away, she couldn’t see through the heavily tinted windows. She only saw her reflection staring back at her; an expression filled with terror and a hint of curiosity. She wasn’t going to fool anyone into thinking she was brave, and she knew it.

“I have to know.”

She grabbed the handle, opened the door, and got in.


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